Bumpin Blends vs. Evive: The Smoothie Cube Showdown

Bumpin Blends Smoothie Cubes vs Evive

As the demand for healthy and convenient smoothie options grows, so does the market for at-home smoothie cubes. We're comparing two popular brands—Bumpin Blends and Evive— to help you decide which one is the best fit for your lifestyle.

  • Bumpin Blends: A US mom-run business offering dietitian-designed smoothie cubes that are both delicious and functional, targeting specific areas of health.
  • Evive: A Canadian brand providing vegan smoothie cubes with a focus on being blender-free and having added protein.
Ingredients and Nutritional Value
  • Bumpin Blends: Each smoothie blend is created by dietitians, ensuring an optimal balance of nutrients to support various health goals. The ingredients are whole, real fresh foods (no powders or purees), all natural, non-GMO, organic, and free of artificial sugars or real sugars.
  • Evive: Uses plant-based ingredients (70% organic) and is free of sugar, but uses artificial sugar (Stevia) and dehydrated vegetable powder rather than whole, real vegetables. The smoothie cubes are designed to offer balanced nutrition in every serving.
Flavors and Taste
  • Bumpin Blends: Offers a wide range of almost 30 unique flavors with seasonal limited time smoothies. Has 350+ 5 star reviews. 
  • Evive: Provides a smaller range of 4 creative flavors, with 230-300 4.4+ star reviews. Some reviewers noted a grainy texture or metallic taste, but most enjoyed the Sapphire flavor. 
Health Benefits and Functionality
  • Bumpin Blends: Smoothie cubes are designed to target specific areas of health, including energy, digestion, and skin health. This allows you to choose the blend that best supports your body's unique needs. They also have a quiz to find the flavor perfect for your body. 
  • Evive: While Evive smoothie cubes are packed with nutrients, they don't specifically target particular health goals.
Pricing and Subscription Options
  • Bumpin Blends: Offers a customizable subscription plan, allowing you to choose your preferred smoothie flavors and delivery frequency. They’re more expensive than Evive, but the 24/7 dietitian access, flavor customization, and health benefits are the reason behind the added cost. 
  • Evive: Is only available in stores, but lacks the customization offered by Bumpin Blends. It is, however, a much more affordable option! If you’re looking for the cheaper smoothie cubes on the market, Evive is the way to go. 
Sustainability and Environmental Impact
  • Bumpin Blends: Prioritizes eco-friendly practices with recyclable and compostable packaging and a focus on reducing food waste. Their shipping coolers are 100% compostable and dissolve in water so there is no waste. 
  • Evive: Emphasizes sustainability by planting trees and supporting organic farming practices. Goal is to be carbon neutral by June 2023. 


Both Bumpin Blends and Evive offer healthy, convenient, and eco-friendly smoothie cube options. However, if you’re looking for a smoothie delivery service with customization options, Bumpin Blends stands out with its dietitian-designed blends, unique and delicious flavors, and functional health support tailored to individual needs. If you’re in a  grocery store, give Evive a try and let us know which you prefer!