Bumpin Blends vs. Live Pure: Which Smoothie Cubes are right for you?

Bumpin Blends Frozen Smoothie Cubes vs Live Pure

Smoothie cubes have been all the rage lately, and with good reason—they're a delicious and convenient way to pack in nutrients while enjoying a refreshing snack or meal. Today, we're comparing two top contenders in the smoothie cube market: Bumpin Blends and Live Pure. Let's dive into their similarities, differences, and find out which one will become your go-to smoothie delivery service!

The Founders and Their Missions
  • Bumpin Blends: Founded by a mom dietitian with a passion for health and wellness, Bumpin Blends offers dietitian-designed smoothie cubes that are both delicious and functional, targeting specific areas of health.
  • Live Pure: Launched by a health-conscious entrepreneur, Live Pure aims to provide busy individuals with convenient, nutritious smoothie cubes using high-quality, organic ingredients. Partners with Kenya Kids Can to provide meals to kids in Kenya with each sale. 
Taste and Flavor 
  • Bumpin Blends: Boasts a wide range of up to 30 unique and mouth-watering flavors that rotate seasonally, including regular limited time drops. 350+ 5-star reviews. 
  • Live Pure: Offers a smaller variety of 7 flavors that cater to different taste preferences, but may not be as adventurous or unique as Bumpin Blends. Sold only as bulk bags, so unable to order individual flavors in smaller quantities. No reviews online so there’s no way to see if customers enjoy the taste. 
Health Goals and Nutritional Benefits
  • Bumpin Blends: The smoothie cubes are designed by dietitians to target specific areas of health, such as energy, digestion, and skin health, allowing you to choose the blend that best supports your individual needs. Bumpin Blends highlights using only real food ingredients, no powders, artificial sugars, or purees. 
  • Live Pure: While their smoothie cubes are packed with nutrients, they don't specifically target particular health goals like Bumpin Blends. They do have added protein powder and probiotic powders to their blends, as well as artificial sugar. 
The Green Factor
  • Bumpin Blends: Prioritizes eco-friendly practices with recyclable packaging and a focus on reducing food waste. Bumpin Blends ships in only 100% compostable coolers that dissolve in water so they are zero waste. 
  • Live Pure: Uses eco-friendly packaging, and bulk bags of cubes reduce the amount of waste per smoothie.
Subscription Flexibility and Pricing
  • Bumpin Blends: Offers a customizable subscription plan, enabling you to select your preferred smoothie blends and delivery frequency, giving you control over your smoothie experience. Individually packaged smoothies allows you to fully customize your box to meet your specific needs, and with 30 flavors to choose from you’ll never get bored. Pricing per blend decreases with bundle size. 
  • Live Pure: Provides a subscription-based service with different box sizes and delivery frequencies, with discounts for subscribing and increasing your box size, but lacks the level of customization offered by Bumpin Blends and the number of flavors. 


While both Bumpin Blends and Live Pure offer tasty and nutritious smoothie cube options, Live Pure stands out as being a great low-waste and more affordable option. Bumpin Blends stands out with its more diverse flavor variety, customization, and functional health benefits tailored to you. Cheers to a healthier, happier you!