Daily Harvest vs. Bumpin Blends: Which Smoothie Subscription Reigns Supreme?

Bumpin Blends Smoothie Cube Delivery Service

If you're searching for the best at-home healthy smoothie option, you've likely come across two popular contenders: Bumpin Blends and Daily Harvest. We'll break down the similarities and differences between these two brands, and explore which is the best choice for your smoothie needs.

Similarities: Healthy, Convenient, and Eco-Friendly

Both Bumpin Blends and Daily Harvest offer pre-portioned, frozen smoothies that make whipping up a nutritious smoothie a breeze at home. Both are designed to save you time, reduce food waste, and minimize your carbon footprint by utilizing recyclable packaging. Daily Harvest promotes sustainable farming practices and Bumpin Blends utilizes compostable, dissolvable eco-friendly coolers to ship their products with no cooler waste.

Difference: Designed by Dietitians

While both brands promote healthy smoothies, Bumpin Blends takes it one step further by having their blends designed by dietitians. This ensures that each smoothie has the right balance of nutrients to support your specific health goals. Each Bumpin Blends smoothie is also designed to support a specific area of health, like focus, bloating, sex drive, or sleep. 

Difference: Flavor Variety and Taste

Both Daily Harvest and Bumpin Blends offer a wide range of flavors (around 28-30 flavors each!), they have so many to choose from! In their reviews, many customers report that Bumpin Blends' smoothie cubes do taste better, or that they switched over from Daily Harvest to Bumpin Blends due to taste. Meanwhile, Daily Harvest has a much bigger variety of food options, with items like grain bowls, flatbreads, and soup in addition to their smoothie line. 

Difference: Functional Health Support

Bumpin Blends doesn't just focus on taste – their smoothie cubes are designed to target specific areas of health. With options like "Mood," "Focus," and "Skin Health," you can choose the blend that best supports your body's unique needs. You can even take a quiz on the site to find the right blends for your health needs. 

Similarities: Mom-Run Business

Both Bumpin Blends and Daily Harvest are run by hard-working moms! However, Daily Harvest is a bigger brand with multiple investors and shared ownership. Bumpin Blends is a bootstrapped small business owned 100% by a mother. In a world filled with large corporations with millions in funding, it's refreshing to support a family-run company that truly cares about its customers and their well-being.


While both Bumpin Blends and Daily Harvest offer convenient, healthy smoothie options, Daily Harvest is a great option if you want more variety and food options, whereas Bumpin Blends is a better option for more functional dietitian-designed smoothies and small, mom-run business values. Cheers to your health!