3 Easy Tips to Squeeze in a Healthy Breakfast

Whether you believe it or not, you’ve definitely heard it — breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives you energy and focus to tackle all the craziness ahead. For me, breakfast sets the tone for the day. In other words, breakfast can either make or break how you feel all day long. Think about it. Starting off with a healthy, balanced breakfast leads to craving a healthy snack… and maybe a nice midday walk… and an extra pep in your step for an extra trip to fill up your water bottle… and so on. And because life can be absolute chaos starting first thing in the morning, I’m sharing three easy tips to help you squeeze in a healthy breakfast.

First Things First

There are few things I do not sacrifice, no matter how busy I get: working out at least three to five days a week, spending quality time with my family, going to sleep by 10 pm *most* nights, and — you guessed it — BREAKFAST DAILY.

But here’s the thing. A bagel and cream cheese? Not a breakfast. Sugary cereal?  Not a breakfast. Pancakes with maple syrup and no fruit or protein? Surprise, not a breakfast. Based on the nutrient breakdown, those are desserts in my book (but real talk, they are delicious!).

I'm not saying a breakfast can't have these items, but I am saying that a breakfast should be balanced with healthy fats, protein, carbs, and vitamins. It should contain fruits or veggies. It should be colorful. And, maybe the most challenging part of all, it should not be rushed or skipped.

I realize not everyone has the time or energy for a healthy breakfast, but it’s so important to prioritize this meal. And there are things you can do to make it easier to squeeze in! Here’s my short list for making  a healthy breakfast happen:

  1. Prep the night before. Hellooooo delicious overnight oats! Seriously, this seems like a pain, especially after you’ve done the dinner/dishes/evening clean-up thing, but you will be so far ahead come morning. And knocking together some oats, chia seeds, Greek yogurt and your choice of milk? It’s a breeze. And here’s a pro tip to make this meal even easier: throw a few Bumpin Blends smoothie cubes into a jar with oats and milk for the perfect flavored overnight oats!
  2. Multi-tasking. You’re already an ace multitasker, so put those skills to work in the morning. While the eggs are cooking, handle another essential morning task. But when it’s time to eat, give yourself those five or ten minutes to enjoy your breakfast mindfully. Seriously! Put down the phone, move the laptop off the table, sit, eat, enjoy. Sip. That. Hot. Coffee!
  3. Grab and go. I don’t love this option, but if there’s really no time for breakfast, there’s no rule that says you have to eat at home. Fitting in your breakfast on your commute or at the office works too.


A delicious, healthy breakfast can take less than five minutes to cook. And if cooking is seriously not an option, whizzing up a few Bumpin Blends smoothie cubes is a handy shortcut to a fast, delicious breakfast full of all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients you need to start the day strong.

Need more ideas? I love this infographic — so helpful! : )