Bumpin Blends Superfood Spotlight: Ginger

Remember when everyone was obsessing over kale? And then “the new kale” would pop up, and we all understood that it was something we used to underappreciate, but now we couldn’t live without it? Cauliflower, kelp, even collard greens all had their moment in the superfoods spotlight, but there’s one that deserves to stand on its own. I’m talking about that bumpy, knotty, gnarled root with its instantly-recognizable flavor and fragrance—ginger! I put this stuff in everything I can. It’s a superfood that’s super good for you and has amazing benefits I bet ya didn't even know about! In this Bumpin Blends superfood spotlight, we’re talking up this unassuming root and its mile-long list of health benefits.

Meet Ginger

Ginger root has been used as a spice and herbal medicine for thousands of years in Asian, Indian, and Arabic traditions. Ginger root contains a ton of bioactive compounds, including gingerol and shogaol, plus various volatile oils, that produce a variety of beneficial pharmacologic effects.

A lot of people aren't into ginger because it has a super strong flavor. But that distinctive flavor comes courtesy of the volatile oils and phenol compounds that researchers believe give ginger its amazing medicinal properties. From improved digestion to reduced blood pressure, reduced nausea to antibacterial properties, ginger is an absolute workhorse.

Bye Bye, Inflammation

Among its many attributes? Ginger has proven time and time again to be an anti-inflammatory superfood. Inflammation is one of the root causes of several chronic diseases and many day-to-day ailments, like sore muscles, bloating, skin problems, and fatigue. Basically, preventing or reducing systemic inflammation is what we want. And eating ginger, an anti-inflammatory food, helps us do this — easily! It’s why some of our favorite Bumpin Blends include ginger. Keep an eye out for Ginger Snaps and Pineapple Ginger when you’re choosing your blends. We also sneak it into a few other blends, including our PB&J cubes, for those of you who aren’t wild about the flavor. Scout’s honor—you won’t taste it at all!

Hello, Antioxidants

Ginger is also known for its impressive antioxidant properties, which may also contribute to its health benefits. Many diseases and general aging is in part caused by oxidation within our body. That's why consuming antioxidants like ginger is so important.

Preliminary research even suggests that ginger may also have hypoglycemic effects. This could help keep your blood sugar in check, particularly if you have or are at risk for diabetes.

In other words, ginger is pretty much a triple threat to aging and disease, because it’s an anti-inflammatory antioxidant that also lowers blood sugar! Color us impressed.

Get It

All this, and all you need to do to reap the benefits is get some ginger into your belly. Good news — incorporating ginger into your diet is a breeze, and that’s true even if you aren’t a fan of its singular sweet/warm/zesty/woodsy/peppery flavor. Just mince up some fresh peeled ginger and toss it into your favorite stir fry, rice/pasta dish, or entree. If you need to mask the taste, keep it light and dole it out in small amounts on various dishes throughout the day. You can hide ginger really well in salads, burrito bowls, even tea! Then, pat yourself on the back for all the digestive, antioxidant, and inflammation-busting benefits you’re getting. And remember, the right Bumpin Blends in the freezer mean you’ll always have a ginger-rich option on hand.