Vitamins & Minerals You Want (and Need) When a Baby is the Goal

The journey to parenthood is — in a word — unpredictable. So much has to go right for a successful conception, pregnancy, and little bundle of joy, and we have very little control over most of it. It’s a leap of faith, for sure, but the little slice that we can control can have a surprising impact. We’re talking about diet and nutrition, hopeful parents-to-be! Key vitamins and minerals have been linked to the intricate processes that drive conception, which is why it’s so important to start getting what you need well before you hope to become a parent, during that oh-so-critical preconception window. If a baby is the goal for you in 2022, these are the vitamins and minerals you want — and need.

Meet your new BFFs

Here’s the thing about supplementing — you probably need it. Almost all of us are lacking in some component of our diet. When you’re doing your very best to make a baby, your body needs specific vitamins and minerals for the very best chances. That means your existing stores, if you already have them, are being tapped. And that’s where a great prenatal vitamin is worth its weight in gold, delivering a steady stream of bioavailable vitamins and minerals in exactly the right amounts.

As you consider your virtually endless options in the prenatal vitamin world, don’t be dazzled by pretty packaging. Flip that sucker around and scan the ingredient list for these specific vitamins and minerals: 

    • B vitamins. In particular, vitamins B12 and B6, which can help balance estrogen and progesterone before egg maturation and ovulation. Note — these vitamins can also improve outcomes during IVF as well.
    • Choline. This nutrient is critical for egg quality during the preconception stage.
    • Vitamin A, which has an effect on egg quality and the ability of the egg to properly implant.
    • Vitamin D, which plays a role in fertility, pregnancy outcomes, and milk production.
    • Vitamin E. This antioxidant helps prevent oxidative damage to eggs and ward off premature aging.
    • Folate. A more bioavailable option that folic acid, folate works with other nutrients to support egg quality prior to conception.
    • Iodine. Iodine deficiencies are associated with reduced fertility.
    • Magnesium. Magnesium deficiencies are also associated with infertility, especially in women.
    • Calcium. The evidence isn’t as robust for calcium as a fertility booster, but it’s still a key nutrient for parents-to-be. Plus, there is evidence that a calcium deficiency could be the culprit behind male infertility, since calcium has a role in sperm production.

But wait! Once you’ve confirmed these ingredients are indeed included, you aren’t quite done. Step two is confirming they’re in quantities that are actually beneficial. Unfortunately, there is so single standard for that, but there are trusted bodies you can look to, including the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG).

Step three, after finding these ingredients in adequate amounts, is zeroing in on a tummy-friendly formula, without weird or unnecessary additives, ideally in a serving size of three vitamins or fewer, manufactured in a facility with a cGMP rating. Finding that kind of unicorn prenatal is no small feat, but trust us, they’re out there.

Meet Beli

Beli prenatal vitamins are designed to support women and men during the preconception window all the way through pregnancy and into the postpartum stage. But since we’re talking about getting knocked up, let’s be specific! Beli prenatals are thoughtfully formulated with all the nutrients women and need need to promote fertility health — think improving sperm count, protecting and nurturing egg quality, reducing conception times, and improving the odds of carrying a healthy pregnancy to term. Both formulations use science-backed nutrients in recommended amounts, and the women's prenatal is actually one of very few prenatals meeting current recommendations for choline, folate, iodine, magnesium, and vitamin D.

The Bottom Line

Trying to make a baby is a thrilling experience, and yeah, it’s largely a roll of the dice. But the science is clear that certain nutrients play a role in upping the ante, and there’s nothing wrong with stacking the deck! Honestly, it’s as easy as popping a (Beli) prenatal vitamin.


Beli is the first prenatal vitamin system designed to help mom, dad, and baby thrive. With science-aligned nutrition for greater chances of a healthy conception, pregnancy, and baby, Beli is covering all your bases. Our formulas are backed by the latest research, science, data, and innovation, and it’s changing the way we improve fertility and support prenatal and postnatal health. 

It takes two to make a baby, and the science is clear — proper prenatal nutrition for men is directly tied to higher-quality sperm and fewer DNA abnormalities. Meanwhile, our women’s formula supports and nourishes mama-to-be, whether you’re thinking, trying, pregnant, or healing after delivery.

In both prenatals, every ingredient has been painstakingly researched and chosen with care and integrity. We’ve included everything you need — and left out everything you don’t. Learn more about Beli prenatals for her and him today.